December 10, 2023


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Tracking the Contradictions of the US EV Market at the DC Auto Show
While EVs are on the floor they are by no means the main attraction, and much uncertainty remains about how fast automakers can build out their supply chains.
Road Tests Show Kenworth Fuel Cell Semi Stacks up to Diesels
A more than year-long test of 10 hydrogen-fueled semitrucks demonstrated that the vehicles can perform roughly equally with their 5-year-old diesel equivalents.
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Will Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Beat out Battery Electric?
$8 billion in funding for hydrogen hubs is "a start" but won't solve all the challenges the industry faces, panelists said at Infocast’s Hydrogen Hubs Summit.
Go Electric Oregon
Ore. DEQ Foresees Economic, Equity Benefits from ACC II
Oregon’s adoption of California’s ACC II rules could cost automakers up to $3 billion but yield $5.8 billion in economic benefits for the Beaver State by 2040.
Infrastructure Key to Creating a Hydrogen Economy
Hydrogen emerged as a possible solution to climate change during COP26, but details of the transition are vague, creating opportunity for competing solutions.
Plug Power
Hydrogen: ‘Holy Grail’ or Rabbit Hole?
The gulf between the promise of hydrogen and the ability to make enough of it to help safely decarbonize the grid is a challenge now coming into public focus. 
EVs Reshaping Transportation Landscape
The growing adoption of EVs is changing how consumers look at transportation and forcing automakers and policymakers to think beyond automotive design.
Strong Bipartisan Support for Wash. FCEV Bill
Washington’s first hydrogen production facility is to be built this year, and a bill to create tax exemptions for FCEVs is sailing through the legislature.

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