December 10, 2023

virtual trades

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PJM Market Implementation Committee Briefs: May 2, 2018
PJM’s Market Implementation Committee approved manual revisions reducing the number of virtual bidding locations by almost 90%.
MIC Briefs
A round-up of news from the PJM Market Implementation Committee (MIC) on Oct. 8, 2014.
PJM Forgoing $10M in Settlement with DC Energy, Scylla
PJM will forego $10.2 million in BOR charges resulting from DC Energy and Scylla transactions characterized as IBTs under a settlement approved by FERC.
MRC/MC Briefs
A summary of measures approved by the PJM Markets and Reliability and Members Committees on Sept. 18, 2014.
MRC/MC Preview
Our summary of the issues scheduled for votes at the PJM MRC and MC on 09/18/14. Each item is listed by agenda number, description and projected time of discussion, followed by a summary of the issue and links to prior coverage.
FERC Orders Review of UTC Rules
FERC ordered a review of PJM’s rules regarding up-to-congestion transactions (UTCs), saying the RTO may be discriminating in how it treats these trades.
Members to Consider Changing Credit Rules Despite PJM Opposition
Members agreed last week to consider changing credit requirements for virtual transactions in January and February 2015 despite opposition from PJM.
PJM Under Scrutiny at FERC Uplift Hearing
At FERC's uplift hearing, PJM was a target for criticism from market participants smarting over the $600 million uplift bill from January’s polar vortex.
MIC Briefs
A round-up of news from the PJM Market Implementation Committee on Sept. 3, 2014.
PJM MIC OKs Settlement, Credit Changes
The PJM MIC approved several changes recommended by subcommittees regarding data submission deadlines and credit requirements.

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