December 10, 2023


Office of the Governor
Newsom Expresses ‘Sense of Urgency’ on Energy Buildout
California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a state budget and five-bill infrastructure package targeting reliability and building generation.
NJ Outlines OSW Research Projects amid Ocean Enviro Anxiety
New Jersey's plan to spend $26 million in developer contributions to monitor the impact of OSW on coastal marine life drew skepticism from environmentalists.
Acoustic Study to Protect Whales Extended at Empire Wind Site
A marine acoustic study underway in the Empire Wind project lease area will be extended through 2028.
National Audobon Society
Proposed Wash. Solar Farm Splits Green Sympathies
Green energy advocates clashed with activists aiming to protect the habitat of an endangered bird species at a hearing on a proposed solar farm in Central Wash.

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