February 24, 2024

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is an independent regulatory agency that oversees the transmission of electricity, natural gas and oil in interstate commerce, as well as regulating hydroelectric dams and natural gas facilities. 
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DC Circuit Hears Arguments on FERC LNG Plant Approval
The D.C. Circuit heard oral arguments on FERC’s approval of the Commonwealth LNG facility in Cameron, La.
Sun Valley Solar Systems
Petition Seeks PURPA Protections for Rooftop Solar
Solar advocates petitioned FERC to take enforcement action against SRP for setting rates that allegedly discriminate against customers with rooftop solar.
FERC, NRC Examine State of the Nuclear Industry
FERC and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission convened a joint meeting to looking into issues of common interest, including the rollout of advanced reactors and grid reliability.
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CPower Event Charts the Future of Virtual Power Plants
CPower hosted an event outside D.C. that charted the demand response's industry's evolution to a virtual power plant model that can help the industry manage the growing share of DERs coming onto the grid.
Venture Global LNG
Report: Biden Admin to Evaluate LNG Terminal’s Impact on Climate
The Biden administration is planning to delay its decision on approval of a major LNG export terminal in order to evaluate the project’s climate impacts, The New York Times reported.
Congressional Democrats Urge FERC to Complete Transmission Rule
Congressional Democrats sent a pair of identical letters to FERC urging the commission to complete its transmission cost allocation and planning rule.
Michels Corporation
DOE Lays out Plans for Designating Transmission Corridors
DOE laid out its plans to release draft National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors this spring, which will then start a process of refinement before they are finalized over several years.
Can DOE Accelerate US Energy Transition as 2024 Election Looms?

DOE is focused on reshaping the U.S. energy landscape, but officials may have only another year to build the momentum needed to make any potential Republican rollbacks unpopular and unlikely.

DTE Energy
EPA, FERC Hear from Stakeholders on Reliability
Both EPA and FERC received comments on how reliability can be maintained under the former’s power plant rule that requires fossil fuel-fired units to curtail their emissions.
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DOE Issues Final Guidelines for National Transmission Corridors
The Department of Energy released its final guidelines for the designation of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors, which are narrowly defined areas where transmission is urgently needed to ensure reliability and affordability and advance “important national interests.”

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