November 28, 2023

MISO Reliability Subcommittee (RSC)

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MISO Explains How Aug. Max Gen Event Didn’t Trigger Emergency Pricing
MISO expounded on why its late August maximum generation emergency wasn’t met with prices dictated by its emergency offer floors.
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MISO Rebrands System Restoration Working Group
MISO’s stakeholder committee chairs resuscitated a stakeholder group dedicated to emergency preparedness and system restoration training.
MISO Winter Fuel Security Surveys Now Permanent
With winter largely behind it, MISO staff last week told stakeholders that winter fuel security surveys are to become an annual fixture.
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MISO Moves to Restrict Emergency Commitments
MISO has proposed prohibiting some resources from using an emergency commitment status in its markets in order to have wider access to its committed capacity.
MISO Draws on Storage Model for DER Aggregations
MISO will use its electric storage resource participation model as the basis for DER aggregation participation, scrapping an earlier plan.
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MISO Stresses DR Capacity as Emergencies Accumulate
MISO staff have characterized LMR use as accessing the capacity that members make available to them, de-emphasizing emergency protocols.
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MISO Warns of Extreme Future Ramp Needs After April Event
MISO staff said the footprint is in for more extreme ramping events after a late April drop in wind output. 
MISO Preps for Dynamic Line Ratings
MISO has developed a rough idea of how it might manage dynamic transmission line ratings should FERC begin to require them. 
MISO Begins Cold Snap Examination
MISO is still collecting data and reviewing the actions it took during a massive cold spell that gripped most of the U.S. in mid-February.
Laura Pricing Has MISO Stakeholders Scratching Heads
A briefing by MISO staff on the record uplift in the RTO’s energy market caused by Hurricane Laura left stakeholders with more questions than answers.

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