July 19, 2024


Clean Energy Orgs Push Entergy Players to Consider Broader Cost Allocation
Clean energy nonprofits continued to try to persuade Entergy and MISO South state commissioners to embrace a broader view of cost allocation for an upcoming long-range transmission portfolio the RTO intends for the subregion.
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Texas Utilities: Beryl’s Damage Unlike that of Cat 1s
Transmission providers say Hurricane Beryl’s high winds deep inland in a heavily-wooded region led to significant customer outages that will last more than a week after the storm’s landfall.
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Hurricane Beryl Leaves 2.7M Customers Without Power
Hurricane Beryl ripped through the Houston area after making a landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast July 8 as a Category 1 storm, leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake.
ERCOT Board of Directors Briefs: June 17-18, 2024
ERCOT’s Board of Directors has passed one contentious protocol change and tabled another that have divided stakeholders and staff and led the IMM to argue against the heavy use of ECRS.
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Texas Supreme Court Rules for ERCOT, PUC During Uri
The Texas Supreme Court ruled ERCOT and the Public Utility Commission were within the law when they raised wholesale prices to more than 300 times above normal during Winter Storm Uri.
ERCOT TAC Endorses Rule for Inverter-based Resources
ERCOT stakeholders and staff came to an agreement on a rule change that imposes voltage ride-through requirements on IBRs.
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Texas Public Utility Commission Briefs: May 23, 2024
CenterPoint Energy says it has reduced the number of outages following May 16's devastating derecho from 922,000 to nearly 15,000.
Texas RE
Texas RE: Resources’ Weatherization a Success
The Texas Reliability Entity says its latest regional assessment indicates weatherization activities since the disastrous February 2021 winter storm have paid off.
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ERCOT Works to Address Loss of San Antonio Units
ERCOT is searching for alternatives to replace capacity that will be lost with the planned retirement of three gas-fired units near San Antonio.
ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: April 15, 2024
ERCOT says recent changes to the calculations used to determine ERCOT contingency reserve service have resulted in smaller quantities of the product this year and stalled the need for further modifications.

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