July 15, 2024

SPP Seams Advisory Group

SPP Continues its Counterflow Optimization Work
SPP is taking another crack at adding counterflow optimization to the congestion-hedging process following a late-August workshop.
SPP Reviewing its M2M Processes After MISO Monitor’s Comments
SPP staff are conducting internal discussions on how they manage MISO constraints in the day-ahead market as part of the RTOs’ market-to-market process.
SPP’s Consolidated Tx Planning Just Beginning
An SPP task force out to consolidate transmission planning processes and associated cost-sharing mechanism is just getting started.
SPP Accrues Another $13.25M in M2M Settlements
SPP accrued $13.25 million in market-to-market settlements from MISO for April, pushing its total to $146.63 million since the process began in 2014.

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