July 15, 2024

24/7 Carbon-free Electricity (CFE)

Google: AI, Data Centers Drive 13% Rise in GHG Emissions
Google's 2023 emissions totaled the equivalent of 14.3 million tons of carbon dioxide, a 48% increase over 2019. It expects further increases before dropping to its emission reduction target of net zero by 2030.
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NARUC Panel Calls for Clean Energy, GHG Emissions Tracking Standards
Clean energy buyers all face a common challenge: figuring out how to keep track of both the clean energy they use and the carbon emissions they cut.
New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable
Experts Call for More Granular Clean Energy Procurement
Experts extolled the virtues of more granular clean energy purchasing at Raab Associates’ New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable.
At COP27: 18 Countries Join US in Net Zero Government Initiative
Eighteen countries joined the U.S. in signing on to cut greenhouse gas emissions from their national government operations to net zero by 2050 at COP27.
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Overheard at gridCONNEXT 2021
Attendees of GridWise Alliance’s gridCONNEXT were upbeat as they heard about a high-tech future in which everything is electrified, digitized and clean.
Princeton Study Examines 24/7 CFE Procurement
C&I customers in California and PJM could reduce their emissions much more by procuring carbon-free electricity hour by hour, according to a new report.

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