July 13, 2024

Advanced Clean Cars

DC Circuit Rejects Challenge to California Car Emissions Waiver
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a challenge from Republican state attorneys general and others against California’s ability to set its own regulations on automobile emissions under the Clean Air Act. 
California Hits 1.5M EVs Well Ahead of Target
More than 1.5 million light-duty electric vehicles have been sold in California, beating by two years the target set by a governor’s executive order in 2012.
Oregon Bans Gas-powered Car Sales by 2035
The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission voted to adopt California's Advanced Clean Car II rules banning the sale of gas-powered passenger vehicles by 2035.
New Mexico Environment Department
New Mexico Adopts California Advanced Clean Cars Rules
New Mexico has become the latest state to adopt California’s Advanced Clean Cars regulation.
EPA Restores California Tailpipe Standards
EPA reinstated the authority of California and 16 other states to enact more stringent vehicle emissions standards than the federal government.
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Vermont Climate Council Adopts ‘Initial Climate Action Plan’
The Vermont Climate Council voted 19-4 to adopt an Initial Climate Action Plan with the expectation that it will update it next year.
Nevada Clean Cars
Nevada Adopts Clean Cars Rule, Allows Early Credits
Nevada's Clean Cars regulations will take effect in 2025, but the state is allowing auto makers to bank ZEV credits starting next year.
CARB Plan Would Allow Interstate Transfer of ZEV Credits
Car manufacturers selling in states that follow California’s ZEV regulations would be able to transfer ZEV credits among states under a new CARB proposal.
Southern California Edison
CARB Plan Aims to Broaden Access to ZEVs
A California Air Resources Board proposal would give car manufacturers a new way to earn ZEV credits under the state’s Advanced Clean Cars program.

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