July 19, 2024

affected systems

FERC Clears MISO, SPP’s Affected System Study Improvements
FERC approved changes to MISO and SPP’s affected system study process to allow either RTO to order upgrades of limiting elements on tie lines.
CAISO Approves More Interconnection Enhancements
CAISO's Board of Governors approved additional interconnection enhancements to deal with the long queue of resources waiting to connect to its grid.
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MISO Rejects Call for Penalty-free Queue Exits
MISO is resisting clean energy developers’ calls to allow penalty-free queue withdrawals for generation projects bogged down by SPP’s affected system studies.
SPP, MISO Propose Scrapping Affected System Studies
MISO and SPP announced that they plan to ditch their current affected systems study process for more interregional transmission studies like their JTIQ study.
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CGA Requests MISO Help for Late-stage Interconnection Projects
Clean Grid Alliance asked MISO to develop a means to see late-stage projects through its generator interconnection queue when they’re delayed.
MISO Pledges Work on Affected System Studies
MISO said it will approach SPP about improving the processes underpinning affected system studies in response to stakeholders’ persistent calls for change.
SPP, MISO See $22.8M in M2M Settlements
SPP staff assured stakeholders they are looking into the causes of congestion around the MISO seam following a third month of record M2M settlements.
MISO Holds 1st DER Task Force Meeting
Stakeholders asked MISO for simpler interconnection studies during the inaugural meeting of The Distributed Energy Resources Task Force.
MISO West Risks Becoming ‘Dead Zone,’ Stakeholders Warn
MISO stakeholders said another round of expensive system upgrades would render its West planning region a “dead zone” for new generation.
Mixed FERC Rulings for SPP Compliance Filings
FERC approved SPP’s affected-system order compliance filing and the RTO's proposal to revise its fast-start pricing practices.

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