July 15, 2024

building decarbonization

Energy Action Network
Vermont Heating Fuel Sales Decreasing in Recent Years
Vermonters are using less fossil fuel for heat in recent years, partly because winters have been trending warmer but also because more buildings are relying on electric heat pumps. 
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NY Moves Methodically to Create New Class of Utility
The networked heating systems New York wants to test on a pilot scale hold promise for the environment and society but are taking time to design.
DOE to Cut Costs of Building Decarb with $30M BENEFIT Program
The BENEFIT program will support DOE's Affordable Home Energy Shot, aimed reducing the cost of home upgrades for affordable housing by at least 50% while also reducing energy bills by 20% within a decade.
Higher Water Heater Efficiency Standards Sought
The Department of Energy is proposing efficiency standards it says will save Americans billions on the operation of their water heaters and eliminate millions of tons of carbon emissions.
NYC Housing Authority Wants a 120-Volt Stove Brought to Market
The nation’s largest public housing authority is trying to jumpstart development of lower-voltage cooking equipment so more of its half-million residents can switch away from gas stoves.
NJ Building Decarb Plan Garners Support, Criticism
Recent public hearings provided mixed views on New Jersey's ambitious plans for cutting greenhouse gas emissions from buildings through energy efficiency and electrification.
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Decarbonizing New York: Chicken and Egg Proposition
New York’s conundrum is how to ensure grid reliability and resilience as it calls for fossil fuel resources to be replaced by intermittent resources.
Empire Building Challenge Seeks to Decarbonize NY High-rises
The $50 million program selected six real estate partnerships to help implement advanced heat and water housing technologies in high-rises across New York.
Office of Gov. Charlie Baker
Massachusetts Legislators Send Climate Bill Back to Baker
Gov. Charlie Baker has an amended climate bill on his desk after a flurry of weekend action at the State House.
Massachusetts Legislators Reach Deal on Clean Energy Bill
Massachusetts legislators passed a compromise bill that includes a heavy offshore wind focus and provisions to boost EVs, green buildings and renewable energy.

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