July 13, 2024

buyer-side mitigation

NYISO Appeals FERC Rejection of BSM Proposal
NYISO petitioned the D.C. Circuit to review FERC’s rejection of the ISO’s proposal to exempt public policy resources from its buyer-side mitigation rules.
NYISO Reviews Fuel Security, Mitigation Project
NYISO is pausing its Comprehensive Mitigation Review project until it receives further clarity from FERC, the ISO told stakeholders.
FERC Reaffirms NY Storage Mitigation as Glick Dissents
FERC declined to rehear its February order approving a NYISO proposal to apply buyer-side mitigation to energy storage resources.
Overheard at IPPNY 2020 Fall Conference
Industry representatives, state officials, legal scholars and analysts attended the annual Independent Power Producers of New York Fall Conference.
FERC Rejects NYISO Bid to Aid Public Policy Resources
FERC rejected NYISO’s proposal to support policy resources in clearing its capacity market, causing a dissent from Commissioner Richard Glick.
NYISO BSM Mitigation Ruling Sparks Glick Rebuke
FERC approved NYISO’s revised buyer-side market power mitigation rules, prompting a scathing dissent from Commissioner Richard Glick.
Five New Recommendations from NYISO Monitor
Potomac Economics’ 2019 State of the Market Report for NYISO adds five recommendations while concluding the ISO’s markets “performed competitively” in 2019.
FERC Partly OKs NYISO Mitigation Language
FERC partly accepted NYISO’s compliance filing on buyer-side market power mitigation rules, denying a waiver and rejecting the ISO’s arguments on Tariff language.
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: April 15, 2020
NYISO’s Management Committee saw graphic evidence of how the COVID-19 pandemic response is impacting power demand in New York.
Dominion: FERC MOPR Rulings Inconsistent on Self-supply
Dominion asked FERC to reconsider its conclusion self-supply resources suppress PJM capacity prices, saying it is inconsistent with an exemption in NYISO.

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