June 14, 2024

capacity procurement mechanism (CPM)

CAISO’s Capacity Procurement Mechanism Inefficient, Stakeholders Say
Lack of visibility into the contract and availability status of the fleet is causing “inefficiencies” in CAISO’s capacity procurement mechanism process, staff and stakeholders said. 
Sandia National Laboratories
CAISO Receives FERC Approval to Increase Soft Offer Cap
FERC approved CAISO’s request to increase its capacity procurement mechanism soft offer cap from $6.31 per kW-month to $7.34.
CAISO Discusses Year-ahead Requirements for RA Program

CAISO staff and stakeholders again dove into the details of the ISO’s resource adequacy construct, including potentially creating year-ahead requirements and refining the existing capacity procurement mechanism.

Southern California Edison
CAISO Board Approves Summer Readiness Measures
The CAISO Board of Governors approved measures to boost summer reliability, including extending a requirement that batteries be charged during extreme events.
CAISO Revises Policy Roadmap to Highlight Priorities
CAISO revamped its policy initiatives roadmap to reflect its to top strategic goals including ensuring resource adequacy and expanding its Western market role.
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FERC Reverts to Plan B on CAISO Capacity Procurement Mechanism
FERC reversed a decision that allowed CAISO to include an adder in the formula for offers that exceed the soft cap for its capacity procurement mechanism.
Union of Concerned Scientists
DOE Orders CAISO Emergency Reliability Measures
CAISO asked the Department of Energy to allow six gas generators to operate for grid reliability while potentially exceeding pollution limits.
Union of Concerned Scientists
CAISO Seeks DOE Emergency Reliability Order
CAISO asked the Department of Energy  to allow six gas generators to operate for grid reliability while potentially exceeding pollution limits.
CAISO Issues Urgent Call for More Summer Capacity
In a rare move, CAISO will use its capacity procurement mechanism to obtain more resources after other measures fell short, threatening summer blackouts.
CAISO Readies for Weekend Heat Wave
CAISO called for extra capacity and conservation and put grid maintenance on hold as it faces a Labor Day weekend heat wave.

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