July 19, 2024
Holden Mann
NERC / ERO Correspondent
Holden’s career in journalism spans 15 years and two continents. After getting his start as a TV news producer in Georgia, he moved to Asia in 2010 to attend the University of Hong Kong’s journalism program. That led to a stint at a children’s newspaper, followed by nearly five years at the Asian Venture Capital Journal charting the growth of the region’s private equity industry. Nowadays you’re most likely to find Holden at home in Atlanta with his wife and son, testing their patience with his latest recipes.

Recent Articles
NERC Sends Virtualization Standards to FERC
The 11 new standards are intended to allow for safe adoption of new technologies on the electric grid.
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FERC Approves $246K in Reliability Standards Penalties
SERC and NPCC assessed a combined $246,000 in penalties against two utilities for violations of NERC reliability standards.
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ERO Comments on CISA Reporting Proposal
Comments on CISA's cyber incident reporting proposal focused on its overlap with the CIP standards' reporting requirements, with some also calling the proposal too broad.
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FBI Warns Power Sector of IBR Cyber Vulnerabilities
The FBI warned that inverter-based resources may be particularly vulnerable to malicious cyber actors in an industry alert.
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NERC Promises 1st ITCS Results by August
NERC said it will release the ITCS by August, with additional U.S. analyses to be completed in November and Canadian results to follow next year.
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