July 18, 2024

carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS)

Biden Infrastructure Plan Would Boost Clean Energy
Biden’s infrastructure plan includes a 10-year extension of the ITC for solar and storage, a new Grid Deployment Authority at DOE.
LIFT Act Could Pour $312B into Infrastructure
The House Energy and Commerce Committee considered the LIFT Act, which would allocate $312 billion for building and upgrading electric infrastructure.
Manchin: Environmental Push in Congress Potentially ‘Divisive’
With Democrats holding slim majorities in both chambers of Congress, Sen. Joe Manchin (D) has outsize influence on energy and environmental legislation.
Blueprint Frames Carbon Capture as Critical for Climate
The Carbon Capture Coalition is pushing Congress to provide a direct-pay option for the 45Q tax credit and extend the deadline for qualifying.
Senate Energy Chief Sets His Ground Rules
Sen. Joe Manchin expressed confidence the U.S. can reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 but insisted commercial-scale CCS must be part of the solution.
Study: Biomass Better for Carbon Capture than Energy
Biomass is more valuable for its carbon-capture ability than its energy production, according to a study released by the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum.
Wind, Solar, EE, CO2 Storage Win Tax Breaks
Renewables, energy efficiency and carbon capture all won tax break extensions in the massive stimulus and budget bill approved by Congress.
Net Zero Price Tag: $2.5 Trillion
Reaching net-zero emissions will require at least $2.5 trillion in additional capital investment over the next decade, according to a new Princeton study.
NY Decarbonization Workshop Focuses on Current Tech
More than 300 people tuned in to a decarbonization workshop hosted by NYSERDA and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.
Study Outlines Challenges of Decarbonizing New England
A new study outlines the challenges of decarbonization in New England, including the amount of renewables required and carbon capture.

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