December 10, 2023

Center for Biological Diversity (CBD)

Developer Abandons Plans for Pa. Gas Generator
A developer has scrapped plans to build a 1,2400-MW gas-fired generator in central Pennsylvania after environmental groups challenged the plant’s permits.
Nonprofits Urge TVA to Reconsider Gas-fired Options
Clean energy orgs, nonprofits and social justice groups called on the TVA to reconsider its plan to build a natural gas plant to replace its largest coal plant.
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FERC Questions Ratepayer Funding of Trade Association Dues
FERC opened an inquiry over whether utility customers should pay for dues of trade associations that seek policies that may be contrary to consumers’ interests.
TVA Sued Over Contributions to Trade Groups
The Center for Biological Diversity has sued the TVA over contributions it makes to trade associations and industry groups, arguing a misuse of ratepayer funds.

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