July 19, 2024

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

EQT Corp.
EQT CEO: Shale Gas Key to National Security, Hydrogen Economy
EQT CEO Toby Rice said expansion of hydrogen-ready pipelines to move Appalachian shale gas to liquefaction plants for export is key to future energy security.
White House Believes US-EU Climate, LNG Goals Can Align
Melanie Nakagawa, special assistant to President Biden, spoke about a climate-aligned U.S. approach for reducing EU dependence on Russian LNG.
Infrastructure Key to Creating a Hydrogen Economy
Hydrogen emerged as a possible solution to climate change during COP26, but details of the transition are vague, creating opportunity for competing solutions.
Net-zero Pledges Top Issue to Watch at COP26, Researcher Says
A big factor at COP26 will be the extent to which countries are willing to make further commitments toward achieving net-zero emissions this century.
Report: State Climate Policy Outcomes Hazy
It's difficult to determine which state policies drive the most progress on emissions reduction, job growth and resilience, a new report says.

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