December 2, 2023

Centerpoint Energy

Report: Energy Storage Would Save Indiana Utilities $73M
Three Indiana utilities could save customers a combined $73 million if they ditched plans to build new gas plants and invested in battery storage, report says.
CenterPoint Energy
CenterPoint Energy Turns in Solid 2021 Performance
CenterPoint Energy continued its recovery from a disastrous 2020, reporting strong year-end and fourth-quarter earnings on Tuesday.
Utilities Still Dealing with Feb. Storm Aftermath
Vistra's CEO said the company's gas resources will find a home when ERCOT redesigns its market in response to the February winter storm.
CenterPoint Energy
CenterPoint, OGE Put February Storm, Enable Midstream Behind Them
CenterPoint Energy and OGE Energy delivered positive first-quarter earnings, a year after taking financial hits from their Enable Midstream joint venture.
CenterPoint, OGE Look to Exit Enable
CenterPoint and OGE said Energy Transfer’s acquisition of Enable Midstream will allow them to focus on moving to a fully regulated utility business model.
CenterPoint, Hedge Fund not Affiliates, FERC Rules
FERC rejected a claim that CenterPoint Energy concealed $625 million equity investment from a hedge fund manager that brought on new management.
CenterPoint, OGE Mum on Enable Midstream
CenterPoint and OGE declined to answer questions on potential sales of their interest in Enable Midstream during their third-quarter earnings calls.
New CenterPoint CEO Promises to ‘Simplify the Story’
CenterPoint Energy CEO David Lesar told financial analysts the company will "simplify the story" as it attempts to overcome recent bad news.
Enable Losses Slam CenterPoint, OGE Energy
Enable Midstream partners CenterPoint and OGE lost $1.2 billion and $492 million, respectively, following the partnership’s recent cutbacks.
Texas PUC Briefs: March 26, 2020
The Texas PUC approved several measures addressing delinquent customer accounts and other issues related to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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