July 13, 2024

Central Hudson Gas & Electric

New York state Department of Public Service
Electric Reliability and Safety Continue to Improve in NY
Frequency and duration of power outages decreased in New York in 2022 outside of major storms, but one utility missed its target for the fourth year in a row.
The White House
NY Utilities to Seek $900M from DOE
Six utilities have indicated they will apply for federal loans and grants totaling roughly $900 million made available from the IIJA and IRA.
New York Utilities
NY Utilities Propose Plan to Coordinate Decarbonization Efforts
Seven N.Y. utilities filed a proposal aiming to help develop a "fully decarbonized electric system” by improving grid planning coordination among stakeholders.
New York Utilities Report Slow Start to EV Fast Charging
New York’s IOUs reported a slow rollout of EV fast-charging stations under the state’s $701 million incentive program to build 50,000 stations by 2025.
New York Open Data
FERC Approves ROFR for NY Transmission Upgrades
FERC ruled that New York TOs can exercise a right of first refusal for transmission upgrades without being bound by other developers’ cost caps.
NYPSC Applauds Central Hudson Storm Response
The New York PSC lauded Central Hudson Gas and Electric and assisting parties for their quick response to outages stemming from the early February blizzard.
Central Hudson
New Central Hudson Rate Plan Promotes NY Climate Goals
New York regulators on Thursday approved a three-year rate plan for Central Hudson Gas and Electric, effective July 1, 2021.
Doug Kerr, CC BY-SA-2.0, via Wikimedia
FERC Again Dismisses Queue Complaint Against NYISO, Central Hudson
FERC upheld its July dismissal of a complaint by Hecate Energy that Central Hudson and NYISO delayed its 20-MW solar generation project in Greene County, N.Y.
Hecate Energy
FERC Denies Solar Queue Complaint against NYISO, Central Hudson
FERC denied a complaint by Hecate Energy that Central Hudson Gas and Electric and NYISO delayed its 20-MW solar generation project in Greene County, N.Y.
NY Utilities Diverge on Managed EV Charging
New York’s six local distribution companies split over whether to adopt “passive” or “active” approaches to managing electric vehicle charging

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