December 10, 2023

Clean Energy Group (CEG)

Steven Baltakatei Sandoval, CC BY-SA-4.0, via Wikimedia
EPA Power Plant Proposal Gets Mixed Reception in Comments
EPA received comments on its proposal to regulate greenhouse gases from power plants, with some, including ISO/RTOs, arguing the proposal needed major improvements to preserve reliability.
The Brattle Group
Clean Energy Group Urges Utilities to Replace Peakers with VPPs
The Clean Energy Group hosted a webinar laying out the case to replace natural gas peaking plants with VPPs, as they would avoid harmful emissions in densely populated areas.
Alburquerque Public Schools
Report: Storage Projects Stymied at Distribution System Interconnection
Applied Economics Clinic and the Clean Energy Group have found that distribution system bottlenecks are slowing the interconnection of distributed resources.
Jubilee Housing
Community Solar/Resiliency Projects Gain Funding, Notice
Weather-driven power outages are increasing demand for a program that helps community groups obtain technical assistance for solar-plus-storage projects.
Report: Storage Program a Boon for Affordable Housing
A report found that affordable housing units with solar plus energy storage benefit from participation in a Massachusetts' Mass Saves storage program.

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