July 23, 2024

Clean Energy Standard (CES)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
100% Clean Energy, Renewable Siting Bills Heading to Michigan Governor

Bills setting a 100% clean energy standard and giving state regulators siting authority over wind and solar projects are headed to Michigan’s governor.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
States Make Progress Toward Renewable Energy Goals
Renewable energy is growing beyond its targets, due in part to the standards that set those targets.
NY DPS Decreases ZEC Prices by 14%
The price of New York ZECs is set to fall 14% for the next two years after the agency that administratively sets the price issued its biennial price adjustment.
Overheard at NECA Power Markets: ‘Unqualified Reliability’ is Out
Vermont DPS Commissioner June Tierney says ISO-NE must “achieve reliability, fueled by renewability with a keen eye on affordability.”
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Minnesota’s ‘Clean Cars’ Emissions Standards Debated, Approved
Minnesota legislators have approved an environmental budget bill that includes tougher vehicle emissions standards, but the battle is far from over.
Drums600, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
100% Clean Power by 2035 Needs Energy Standard with a Twist
The U.S. could pass a clean energy standard through budget reconciliation by changing the way the standard works, Leah Stokes of UC-Santa Barbara says.
US Offshore Wind Critical to New England’s Decarbonized Future Grid
The success of the drive by five New England states to decarbonize their economies may ultimately depend on the development of massive offshore wind farms.
Study Says NC Needs Clean Energy Standard to Meet Climate Goals
Environmental advocates say North Carolina's upcoming decision on joining the RGGI could be critical to its efforts to cut carbon emissions 70% by 2030.
Biden Infrastructure Plan Would Boost Clean Energy
Biden’s infrastructure plan includes a 10-year extension of the ITC for solar and storage, a new Grid Deployment Authority at DOE.
States Working out the Details of Getting to 100%
Officials from Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia spoke about their top priorities for 2021 at the Energy Storage Association Policy Forum

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