December 2, 2023

clean energy

EPA Predicts IRA Will Speed Electric Emissions Reductions
A new EPA report predicts significant emissions reductions in the electrical sector because of provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act.
DOE Proposes Streamlined Federal Transmission Permitting
The Department of Energy proposes a framework for faster, more efficient federal permitting of power transmission proposals.
American Clean Power
American Clean Power Tallies Potential Impact of IRA at $270B
American Clean Power reports investment in the U.S. clean energy sector in the past year exceeds the preceding eight years combined.
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Gates, Musk Discuss Clean Energy Innovation for Starstruck EEI Audience
Two of the world’s richest men drew crowds when they discussed energy future at Edison Electric Institute’s annual conference last month.
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NJ Senate Committee Backs Clean Energy Bills
The New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee has backed bills that would increase the state’s planned community solar program by 50%.
Maryland Clean Energy Bills Pass 1st Hurdle on Crossover Day
With less than three weeks to go until the end of the session, Maryland legislators have advanced several significant clean energy bills.
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Overheard at the 2022 Texas Energy Summit
The Texas Energy Summit gathered in person for the first time since the February 2021 winter storm that nearly collapsed the ERCOT grid.
NASEO Panel Charts Role of Fossil Fuels in Energy Transition
Levelized cost of energy called a "flawed metric" and a 100% renewable grid could raise costs and affect reliability, experts say.
EEI Urges Passage of Renewable Tax Credits
In its yearly Wall Street briefing, the Edison Electric Institute stressed the importance of extending federal tax credits for renewable resources.
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MOPR, Capacity Auction Highlight 2021 for PJM
PJM's year was punctuated by changes in the capacity market as votes by stakeholders led to the implementation of the RTO’s narrowed MOPR.

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