July 23, 2024

Clean Path New York (CPNY)

Champlain Hudson Power Express / Clean Path New York
NYSERDA Can’t Meet Deadline to Design New REC Plan

New York’s clean energy agency needs more time to draw up the renewable energy certificate program for two major renewable energy transmission projects.

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FERC Accepts Niagara’s Cost Recovery Plans, Orders Rate Proceeding
FERC approved Niagara Mohawk Power's construction recovery requests for the Smart Path Connect project and partly accepted its rate schedule revisions.
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From Whale Oil to Clean Hydrogen: NYC Takes Stock of the Energy Transition
Participants at New York Energy Week celebrated the progress the state and city have made toward decarbonization while acknowledging the challenges ahead.
Clean Path New York
Clean Path NY Joins Calls for Inflation Adjustment
Clean Path NY asked to be included in any inflation adjustments approved for Tier 1 RECs, saying generators would otherwise shun its transmission project.
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NYSERDA Seeks 1-Year Delay for Tier 4 RECs
NYSERDA has requested another year to set up the system of renewable energy credits that is part of the state’s plan to bring clean energy into New York City.
NJ Foresees ‘Horse Trading’ with Other PJM States over Tx Costs
New Jersey hopes for “horse trading” with other PJM states over the cost of transmission needed to integrate offshore wind and other renewables.
NYPSC OKs 2 Huge Clean Energy Projects for New York City
New York regulators approved two 25-year state contracts to buy electric power from the Clean Path New York and the Champlain Hudson Power Express projects.
NYPSC Applauds Central Hudson Storm Response
The New York PSC lauded Central Hudson Gas and Electric and assisting parties for their quick response to outages stemming from the early February blizzard.
NY Stakeholders, Residents Split on HVDC Tx Projects
New Yorkers were generally in support of the entirely in-state Clean Path NY transmission project and opposed to the line to import Canadian hydropower.
NYISO Begins Discussing Market Rules for Internal Controllable Lines
NYISO staff briefed stakeholders on the schedule for the ISO’s initiative to develop market participation rules for internal controllable lines.

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