July 13, 2024

Clean Power Plan (CPP)

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Utility CEOs See Ongoing Role for Gas, Nuclear in Decarbonization
Utility executives told state regulators that natural gas and nuclear power will be part of the electric mix for decades as the industry decarbonizes.
GOP Senators Call for FERC Conferences on EPA Power Plant Rule
Two key Republican senators asked FERC to hold formal technical conferences on EPA's Power Plant Rule, noting the regulator did so for Obama's Clean Power Plan.
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Regan: New EPA Standards Designed to not Jeopardize Grid Reliability
The EPA administrator said his agency’s proposed CO2 emission standards for power plants target “the most egregious sources” without compromising reliability.
EPA Proposes New Emissions Standards for Power Plants
EPA announced proposed rules to reduce CO2 emissions from coal and gas power plants by requiring them to use carbon capture and co-firing of hydrogen.
Carbon Capture Coalition
EPA Reportedly Soon to Release Rule on Power Plant CO2 Limits
EPA is poised to issue rules that would require all coal and gas-fired power plants to reduce or capture nearly all of their carbon dioxide emissions by 2040.
Biden Admin. Sees Climate Action Via Private Sector After Court Ruling
The Biden administration will continue to seek private industry's help in cutting GHG emissions following the Supreme Court ruling limiting EPA's powers.
What They’re Saying About West Virginia v. EPA Decision
Reactions to the Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia v. EPA came fast and, predictably, framed with an eye on the upcoming midterm elections.
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Supreme Court Rejects EPA Generation Shifting
The Supreme Court ruled that EPA lacks authority to compel generation shifting to reduce CO2 emissions, citing a lack of “clear congressional authorization.”
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EPA’s Regan Confident in Emission Trends Despite Clean Air Act Challenge
EPA Administrator Michael Regan is confident the electric power sector will continue cutting GHG emissions despite a challenge to the agency’s authority.
Power Plant Emission Rules Up in the Air as Technologies Change
The battle over federal rules controlling power plant emissions is heating up again as EPA prepares to issue revised regulations by the end of the year.

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