July 13, 2024

coal power

FirstEnergy Solutions
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: April 12, 2022
PJM proposes a new subcommittee to continue discussions of interconnection process changes after the Interconnection Process Reform Task Force wraps up.
Republic Services
New California Laws Help Electrify Cars, Houses
Laws that take effect this year could increase EV charging infrastructure, promote building decarbonization and convert more organic waste to biomethane.
Drax Group
Maine Can Help Decarbonize Industrial Pellet Shipping, Consultant Says
Consultant William Strauss says Maine’s ports have a “huge shipping distance advantage” in the global industrial wood pellet fuel market.
E65vern, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
PJM Examining Chemical Shortage
PJM is investigating whether the shortage of trona, a mineral used in sequestering emissions from coal units, is impacting generation in the RTO.
Indiana Bill Seeks Slowdown of Coal Closures
The Indiana House of Reps passed a bill that could prolong the retiring or selling coal plants when the state is moving toward cleaner alternatives.
Overheard at the NARUC Winter Policy Summit
Policymakers and industry officials gathered for NARUC Winter Policy Summit, where they discussed coal and nuclear power, among other topics.
CPS Energy
CPS Energy Shutters Deely Coal-fired Units
CPS Energy is now in the process of mothballing its J.T. Deely coal-fired plant, while NRG Energy intends to retire two gas units at its SR Bertron plant.
Critics: CEII Rule a Trojan Horse for Coal, Nuke Bailouts
Critics said the U.S. DOE’s proposal for designating electric infrastructure information could be a Trojan horse to subsidize coal and nuclear power.
EPA: CPP Replacement Could Boost Coal-Fired Power by 6%
EPA says its ACE rule will result in slightly lower electric prices and higher coal production than would have occurred under the Clean Power Plan (CPP).
FirstEnergy Solutions, Energy Information Administration Electric Power Monthly, March 2018
Five Questions on Trump’s Coal, Nuke Bailout
Since President Trump directed Energy Secretary Rick Perry to prevent additional coal and nuclear plant retirements, the administration has provided no additional details.

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