July 20, 2024

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

Advocacy Group Seeks CFTC Oversight of PJM FTRs
Public Citizen is urging the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to start overseeing PJM’s embattled financial transmission rights market.
MISO Tariff Changes Target Cybersecurity Data Sharing
MISO has drafted proposed Tariff changes that would allow it to share more information on significant cyberattacks with the federal government.
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SPP MOPC Briefs: Oct. 16-17, 2018
SPP’s Market and Operations Policy Committee unanimously approved staff recommendations to revise the SPP-MISO Coordinated System Plan.
CFTC Exempts RTOs from Private Rights of Action
CFTC issued a final order clarifying that RTO transactions are not subject to private rights of action.
CFTC Chair Flips on Private Rights of Action in RTO Markets
CFTC Chairman Timothy Massad said he will recommend the commission abandon its proposal to allow private rights of action against RTOs and ISOs.
Electric Industry Lobbies, Waits on CFTC Private Rights Ruling
The electric industry has done its part in building opposition to the CFTC proposal to allow private rights of action on energy market transactions.
CFTC to Add ‘Private Rights’ to RTO Exemption
CFTC said it is amending its order exempting RTOs from certain provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act to clarify that it does not bar private rights of action.
Congress May Order CFTC to Back Down on Private Rights
Sen. John Boozman introduced legislation that would force the CFTC to grant SPP the same broad regulatory exemptions the commission granted other RTOs.
CFTC Exempts Capacity Purchases from Swap Rules
The CFTC proposed that electric capacity purchases and natural gas peaking supply contracts be exempt from regulation as swaps.
PJM: CFTC Order on SPP Undermines Exemption
Grid operators have asked CFTC to remove language from a draft order that they say could undermine the broad exemptions the commission granted them in 2013.

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