July 13, 2024

Commonwealth Edison

Exelon CEO: Energy Transition ‘Requires Investments,’ Rate Increases
Exelon's CEO spent part of Wednesday’s first-quarter earnings call talking about how the company will help meet states' decarbonization targets.
Ken Lund, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Jury Finds Former ComEd CEO, 3 Others Guilty in Bribery Trial
Four were charged with 9 counts of conspiracy to bribe former Ill. House Speaker Michael Madigan in exchange for his help in passing bills favorable to ComEd.
FERC Reverses Course on Transmission Rights Resettlement in ComEd
Reversing course, FERC said PJM did not have to pay an Illinois wind farm $10 million in incremental capacity transfer rights for delivery year 2019/20.
Soapbox: The Potential New Normal for Load Profiles
Patrick McGarry discusses how COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders have provided insight into a potentially permanent change in electricity demand.
ComEd, Madigan Sued for $450M in Racketeering Suit
Illinois electric customers filed a federal civil racketeering lawsuit against ComEd and House Speaker Michael Madigan, seeking $450M in damages.
ComEd on Hot Seat at ICC Hearing
The Illinois Commerce Commission questioned ComEd officials over the company’s agreement to pay a $200 million fine to settle bribery allegations.
How ComEd Got its Way with Ill. Legislature
ComEd admitted it bribed Ill. House Speaker Michael Madigan in return for legislative support, what one involved called an "old time patronage system."
ComEd to Pay $200 Million in Bribery Scheme
Exelon’s ComEd agreed to pay a $200 million fine to settle allegations it bribed Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan in return for legislation favor.
Clock Ticking on Exelon Illinois Nukes Under MOPR
Exelon said its Illinois nuclear plants are “up against a clock,” with the legislature unable to meet to consider withdrawing from PJM’s capacity market.
‘NextGrid’ Goes off the Rails
The Illinois Commerce Commission’s “NextGrid: Illinois’ Utility of the Future” study, which began with grand hopes years ago, ended with barely a whimper.

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