December 7, 2023

congestion revenue rights (CRRs)

FERC Proposes Allowing RTOs to Share Credit-related Info
FERC proposed allowing RTOs to share credit information about market participants, fulfilling a request the grid operators made at a 2021 technical conference.
ERCOT Technical Advisory Briefs: May 26, 2021
ERCOT stakeholders are waiting on final direction from Texas officials as they tackle issues arising out of February’s disastrous winter storm.
CAISO Proposal Sets Course for EIM Day-ahead
CAISO issued a proposal outlining the leading edge of its plan to bring day-ahead trading to the Western Energy Imbalance Market.
ERCOT Briefs: Week of June 1, 2020
The ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee unanimously approved a change to how emergency response service resources return following recall.
ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: May 27, 2020
The ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee approved the Corpus Christi North Shore transmission project to address more than 1 GW of industrial load growth.
CAISO CRRs Still Losing Money, but Less
CAISO’s congestion revenue rights auction continued to lose money in 2019 but less than in prior years, the Department of Market Monitoring said.
New Agreement Swaps COTP Access for CAISO CRRs
FERC will allow the Transmission Agency of Northern California to convert capacity on a line into “option” congestion revenue rights in the CAISO market.
CAISO Reports Wholesale Prices Way Down in Q3
CAISO reported lower wholesale electricity prices during the third quarter, driven by lower natural gas costs and fewer transmission constraints.
FERC Proposes $6.8M Fine for CAISO Market Manipulation
FERC ordered Vitol and a senior trader to show cause why they should not be fined for manipulating CAISO’s market to limit losses on the company’s CRRs,
Gas Spike Drove High CAISO Power Costs in Q1
A spike in natural gas prices drove up the cost of wholesale electricity in CAISO in Q1 2019, but changes to CRR Auctions appears to be working .

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