July 16, 2024

coordinated grid planning process (CGPP)

NY Policy Council Holds Inaugural Meeting to Discuss CGPP
New York’s Energy Policy Planning Advisory Council met to discuss the Joint Utilities' Coordinated Grid Planning Process and review its current modeling assumptions with stakeholders.
NY Creates Coordinated Grid Planning Process
The New York Public Service Commission approved the state’s first-ever Coordinated Grid Planning Process.
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Weaning NY off Natural Gas More Easily Mandated than Accomplished
Natural gas is in the crosshairs of New York’s decarbonization drive, but it will likely remain indispensable to the state’s energy portfolio for many years.
New York Utilities
NY Utilities’ Proposed Grid Planning Process Gets Tepid Reception
Stakeholders told the New York PSC that utilities’ proposed transmission planning framework could favor local upgrades over more efficient regional projects.
New York Utilities
NY Utilities Propose Plan to Coordinate Decarbonization Efforts
Seven N.Y. utilities filed a proposal aiming to help develop a "fully decarbonized electric system” by improving grid planning coordination among stakeholders.
NY Officials, Stakeholders Discuss Utilities’ Tx Planning Process Proposal
New York utilities recommended a coordinated grid planning process with a revised benefit-cost analysis method and a new advisory council to manage the effort.

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