July 15, 2024

coordinated system plan (CSP)

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MISO, PJM Stakeholders Call for Interregional Transmission Overhaul
MISO and PJM are deliberating whether to embark on an interregional transmission study this year as they field more calls from stakeholders to revamp their joint planning framework.
Enviros, Consumer Advocates Join Regulators Urging PJM-MISO Interregional Planning
A bevy of consumer, clean energy and environmental advocates have joined state regulators in appealing to MISO and PJM to undertake more comprehensive interregional transmission planning.
MISO-SPP Joint Study to Focus on M2M Congestion
MISO and SPP say this year’s coordinated system plan study will focus on “solutions to historical, persistent congestion issues” on the RTOs’ seam.
Organization of MISO States
MISO, SPP Eye Small Interregional Tx Projects
MISO and SPP said they will likely establish a smaller interregional project type, which could produce the two's first cross-border transmission project.
No MISO-SPP Joint Study in 2021
MISO, SPP won’t do a major interregional transmission study in 2021; they are focusing on a joint targeted interconnection queue study.
4th Time No Charm for MISO-SPP Interregional Study
MISO and SPP have once again failed to identify any beneficial cross-border transmission projects after a fourth interregional study.
MISO, SPP Regulators Ponder Monitors’ Recommendations
MISO’s and SPP’s market monitors presented their last report to state regulators working to improve the RTOs’ interregional coordination.
MISO, SPP Close to Ruling out Joint Projects Again
MISO and SPP appear to have come up empty once again after a fourth study failed to detect a joint transmission project.
SPP Seams Steering Committee Briefs: Aug. 20, 2020
SPP identified a couple potential joint projects with MISO but none with Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.
SPP Seams Steering Committee: April 2, 2020
SPP and MISO are picking up the pace of developing their 2020 coordinated system plan, staff told the Seams Steering Committee.

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