July 13, 2024

Davis-Besse nuclear plant

NRC: Ground Settling Damaged Water Lines at Ohio Nuclear Plant
The NRC has begun to investigate ground settling incidents at the Davis-Besse nuclear plant, including two that damaged fire-protection water lines.
NRC Cites Ohio’s Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission cited the Davis-Besse nuclear plant in Ohio for improper maintenance of its very large emergency diesel generators.
NRC Finds Cybersecurity Deficient at Davis-Besse
NRC ruled that the Davis-Besse nuclear plant in northwest Ohio violated cybersecurity rules and ordered owner Energy Harbor to develop new procedures.
NRC Preparing to Cite Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant on Safety Issue
NRC is preparing to cite Energy Harbor, the owner of the Davis-Bessie nuclear power plant in Ohio, for failing to maintain its emergency diesel generators.
Gregory Varnum, CC BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia
NRC Inspectors Find 5 Safety Violations at Davis-Besse Nuke
A special inspection team sent by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant in Ohio on July 27 found five safety violations.
NRC Conducting Special Inspection of Davis-Besse
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is inspecting the Davis-Besse nuclear plant after a "complicated" reactor trip in July and diesel generator failures.
Ohio Lawmakers Struggle to Undo Nuclear Subsidy
Ohio lawmakers are considering multiple bills to undo the $1 billion nuclear plant bailout for FirstEnergy, though none outright repeals the law.

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