July 19, 2024

decrement bids (DECs)

FERC Orders Uplift Charges on PJM UTCs
FERC ordered PJM to begin billing up-to-congestion transactions for uplift, calling the RTO’s current rules unjust and unreasonable.
FERC Queries PJM on Virtual Transaction Rules
PJM must provide FERC with a refreshed briefing on whether the RTO still wants to charge uplift on all virtual trades in light of recent market changes.
FERC Upholds Orders on PJM Virtual Trading Nodes, Uplift
FERC rejected requests for rehearing of its ruling reducing the number of bidding nodes for virtual transactions in PJM, and upheld its rejection of the RTO’s proposal to allocate uplift to UTCs.
FERC OKs Slash in Virtual Bidding Nodes for PJM
FERC approved the PJM proposal to reduce by almost 90% the number of bidding locations for virtual transactions.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: June 22, 2017
Members strongly endorsed the third phase of PJM’s plan to address uplift, despite opposition from financial stakeholders.
PJM MRC OKs Uplift Solution over Financial Marketers’ Opposition
The PJM MRC was largely unconvinced when financial traders wanted to defer a vote on a set of rule changes on virtual transactions.
FERC Orders Portfolio Approach for PJM FTR Forfeiture Rule
FERC rejected the PJM proposal for revising how it implements its FTR forfeiture rule, ordering the RTO to instead adopt an approach suggested by the IMM.
PJM Financial Marketers Coalition Calls on Hogan
Fighting a PJM proposal to impose uplift costs on UTC trades, the Financial Marketers Coalition enlisted one of the intellectual pioneers of electricity markets in its defense.
PJM Suggests Changes to Virtual Transactions
PJM recommended three market rule changes regarding virtual trading in a report requested by stakeholders.
Monitor at Odds with PJM, Marketer over FTR Forfeiture Rule
PJM's Market Monitor told FERC that proposals by the RTO and a marketer to change the FTR forfeiture rule would weaken protections against market manipulation.

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