July 20, 2024

default energy bid (DEB)

CAISO, WEIM Boards Approve Proposal to Raise Offer Cap
CAISO’s Board of Governors and WEIM Governing Body unanimously voted to approve an expedited proposal to increase the ISO’s soft offer cap from $1,000/MWh to $2,000.
CAISO Moves for Expedited Change to Soft Offer Cap
CAISO is proposing to raise the soft offer cap in its market from $1,000/MWh to $2,000 to accommodate the bidding needs of battery storage and hydro resources in time for operations this summer.
FERC Approves New Rules to Enhance Battery Performance in CAISO
FERC on Thursday approved energy storage and reliability improvement rules that help ensure CAISO will be able to meet needs.
CAISO Goes 2 for 3 on EIM Hydro Rule Changes
FERC approved two CAISO proposals to address concerns that the EIM’s rules constrain hydroelectric operations and undercut the value of resources.
Troubled Waters for Powerex in EIM
Powerex is navigating a turbulent relationship with EIM rules the company says undercut the value of its hydro power resources.
Monitor Critical of CAISO Commitment Cost Mitigation Plan
CAISO’s Department of Market Monitoring amplified its opposition to a fundamental aspect of the ISO’s plan for commitment cost mitigation.
CAISO Monitor Says Bid Rule Changes Flawed
CAISO's Monitor submitted comments on the ISO’s straw proposal for its Commitment Cost and Default Energy Bid Enhancements (CCDEBE) initiative.

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