December 2, 2023

distributed energy resource aggregation (DERA)

FERC Accepts ISO-NE Order 2222 Compliance Filing

FERC accepted ISO-NE’s third compliance filing for Order 2222, ruling that the RTO’s proposal does not pose prohibitive barriers to market participation for distributed energy resource aggregations.

FERC Briefs: Orders Addressing Arguments Raised on Rehearing
A summary of FERC orders explaining why it denied rehearing request, which are automatically deemed denied unless the commission acts within 30 days.
Edison International
CAISO’s Revised DERA Plan Complies with Order 2222, FERC Finds
FERC approved CAISO’s second attempt at complying with the mandate requiring RTOs to foster participation of DER aggregations in organized markets.
FERC Gives ISO-NE Homework on Order 2222
ISO-NE has more work to do to comply with Order 2222, FERC said, faulting its metering and participation rules for DER aggregations.
ISO-NE: FERC Delay Sets Back DER Capacity Market Participation
FERC’s delayed response to ISO-NE means that distributed energy resources won’t have a new way to participate in the grid operator’s next capacity auction.
AES Indiana
MISO Defends 2030 Completion for DER Market Participation
After stakeholder criticisms, MISO is insisting before FERC that it’s appropriate to take until 2030 to open its markets to aggregators of DERs.
FERC Partially Accepts NYISO Order 2222 Compliance
FERC accepted NYISO's Order 2222 compliance filing but directed the ISO to file revisions related to small utility opt-in requirements and other provisions.
Renova Energy
CAISO Order 2222 Filing Needs Some Work, FERC Says
FERC accepted CAISO's Order 2222 compliance filing but told it to submit revisions to its participation model for distributed energy resource aggregations.
MISO Stakeholders Protest RTO’s Order 2222 Implementation Timeline
Stakeholder groups, including state regulators, protested MISO’s FERC Order 2222 compliance filing, many indignant over the request to delay implementation.
ISO-NE Defends Order 2222 Filing
ISO-NE's Order 2222 compliance filing has been criticized by environmental groups and renewable advocates who say it fails to meet the goals laid out by FERC.

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