December 3, 2023

DTE Energy

Consumers Energy
Michigan PSC Warns Utilities of Possible Fines for Outages
Fed up with repeated outages, the Michigan PSC outlined penalties it is considering imposing on utilities in the future.  
Whitmer Calls for State Oversight on Renewable Project Siting
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposed that state regulators approve sites for solar and wind energy, a move that would take authority from local governments.  
Dems, Enviros Seek Fast Action on Mich. Rooftop, Community Solar Bills
Democratic lawmakers and environmentalists are hoping for swift approval of legislation to give Michigan residents better access to rooftop and community solar.
DTE Energy
MISO Calls 1st Summertime Emergency amid Systemwide Heat Wave
MISO instated maximum generation procedures Thursday to manage a pervasive heat wave blanketing its footprint.
DTE Energy
DTE Earnings Focus on Faster Clean Energy Transition
DTE Energy touted the recently approved settlement on its 20-year resource plan in its second-quarter earnings call.
DTE, Activists Announce Agreement to Exit Coal by 2032
DTE Energy reached an agreement with Michigan officials and environmental groups to add more renewable power and phase out coal use by 2032.
Michigan House Democrats
Mich. Utility Task Force To Start Hearings June 9 on Outages
A Michigan House task force to investigate winter power outages will hold its first hearing June 9, with further sessions expected through the summer.
DTE Energy
Michigan Dems Seek to End Coal-fired Plants by 2030
Michigan Democrats introduced climate bills that would end coal-fired electric generation by 2030 and mandate 100% renewable electric production by 2035.
DTE Energy
Mich. PSC OKs Higher Outage Credits, Stricter Requirements for Restoring Power
Michigan utility customers who suffer lengthy power outages will automatically receive credits of $35 daily under new rules approved by the PSC.
Michigan Public Service Commission
PSC Chair Says Michigan Grid ‘Nowhere it Needs to Be’
Michigan PSC chief Dan Scripps told legislators the state’s electric grid is “nowhere it needs to be,” citing outages that affected 1 million residents.

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