June 14, 2024


Glick Hits ‘Refresh’ at 1st FERC Open Meeting
FERC issued another Notice of Inquiry seeking comment on revising its policy on natural gas pipeline certificates & discussed electricity capacity markets.
MOPR, COVID Drive 2020 Policies in PJM
COVID-19 was the defining problem of 2020 as PJM worked to overcome difficulties in coordinating deliberations on a host of issues, including the MOPR.
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PJM Updates Stakeholders on MOPR Filing
Stakeholders got a look at PJM’s initial response to FERC’s ruling this month on its expanded minimum offer price rule.
Commenters Weigh in on PJM MOPR Compliance Filing
More than two dozen companies and coalitions filed responses to PJM’s compliance filing to FERC's order expanding its MOPR.
PJM Refining Default Service Rules Under MOPR
PJM officials have revised some of their proposed rules for applying the MOPR to state default service procurements in response to stakeholder feedback.
Dominion Undecided on FRR Option
Dominion told Virginia regulators it is undecided about whether to pursue an FRR or remain in the PJM capacity market, where new self-supply resources would be subject to the MOPR.
PJM, IMM Present MOPR Rules for State Procurements
PJM and its Monitor shared with stakeholders their proposals for responding to FERC’s directive that state default service auctions be subject to the MOPR.
PJM Outlines Revised MOPR Compliance Filing
PJM shared its initial response to FERC’s April 16 rehearing orders on the MOPR, which required the RTO to make an additional compliance filing by June 1.
PJM CEO Introduces Himself
PJM CEO Manu Asthana spoke about his personal background, career and leadership philosophy during a Raab Associates webinar.
Stakeholders Appeal Expansion of PJM MOPR
The battle over FERC’s order expanding PJM’s minimum offer price rule moved to federal court as environmental groups, cooperatives and regulators filed petitions.

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