July 23, 2024

electric buses

NJ to Invest $10.8M in EV Chargers, School Buses
New Jersey will spend $10.8 million to fund the purchase of heavy-duty EVs, including 10 electric school buses, and install 62 fast-charging stations.
Lion Electric
Infrastructure Law’s 2022 Funds to Double US Clean Bus Fleet
DOT announced $1.66 billion in infrastructure bill grants to nearly double the number of non-emission buses on the nation’s roads with just one year of funding.
Enviros Ask NYPSC to Fast-track Electric Truck Charging
A group of environmental organizations petitioned the NYPSC to speed up the statewide buildout of charging infrastructure for medium- and heavy-duty EVs.
New Flyer of America
Massachusetts Transportation Bond Bill Seeks to Unlock $4B in IIJA Funds
Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker filed a bill to authorize $9.7 billion he says will prepare the state for funding from the federal infrastructure bill.
U.S. Federal Transit Administrat
NJ Transit Advances with EV Bus, Sustainability Plans
NJ Transit is pursuing its first ever planning process to draft a sustainable agency future as it plans to launch its first electric bus program.
Infrastructure Key to Creating a Hydrogen Economy
Hydrogen emerged as a possible solution to climate change during COP26, but details of the transition are vague, creating opportunity for competing solutions.
New Flyer of America
NJ Transit Buys First Electric Buses
NJ Transit approved a $9.5 million purchase of eight electric buses to be deployed in a South Jersey environmental justice area.
Houston METRO
Houston METRO to Electrify Bus Fleet by 2030
The Houston Metro set a goal to replace all of its buses and vans with electric vehicles by 2030, a full decade before other major metro transit authorities.
Virginia Replacing Diesel School Buses with Low-Carbon Vehicles
Virginia will replace 83 diesel school buses with zero- or low-carbon vehicles, which will reduce the state’s GHG emissions by about 10,000 tons per year.
Run On Less, Penske
US Way Behind China in Deploying Heavy-duty EVs
While the U.S. debates funding battery electric buses and trucks, they are already running commercially in cities around the globe, particularly in China.

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