July 19, 2024

electric delivery trucks

Electric Power Research Institute
How Much Energy It Will Take to Electrify Trucking
Achieving net zero emissions from transportation by 2050 will require an additional 1,800 terawatt-hours per year, the Electric Power Research Institute said.
Lordstown Motors
Startup EV Makers Inching Toward Profitable Production
Ohio-based Lordstown Motors said it will begin manufacturing its light-duty electric truck model, the Endurance, in the next six to eight weeks.
Nelson48, public domain, via Wikimedia
Mass. Commission Readies Proposal for State Clean Heat Standard
Massachusetts Undersecretary of Energy Judy Chang revealed potential Commission on Clean Heat recommendations in a draft 2025/2030 Clean Energy and Climate Plan.
Ohio Report Offers Policy Roadmap to EV Adoption
Is there an EV in every future driveway? Yes, says an Ohio policy group that contends EV use will lower electric rates if the right policies are developed now.
Decarbonizing America’s Ports Could be 1st Step for Hydrogen Adoption
The Green Hydrogen Coalition sees the nation’s seaports, heavy with air pollution, as an ideal starting place for a hydrogen fuel revolution to begin.
Electric Delivery Trucks Coming with or Without Congress
Electrification of U.S. trucking is going to happen whether or not Congress finds a way to help fund and expedite the transition.

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