December 3, 2023

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

EPRI: Changing Loads Raise Concerns for Modelers
Parag Mitra of EPRI warned that the growth of data centers and cryptocurrency mining has created new risks for system modelers.
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Manufacturers Commit to Helping California Reach 2030 Heat Pump Goal
Nine of the world's largest makers of building heating and cooling equipment have signed on to support California's goal of having 6 million new electric heat pumps by 2030.
Green Mountain Power
Green Mountain Power to Expand Mobile Battery Fleet
Green Mountain Power and a Vermont manufacturer received a federal grant to expand the state's mobile battery fleet.
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FERC-state Transmission Task Force Examines Barriers to GETs
Grid-enhancing technologies offer significant savings, but first a naturally conservative industry needs to get used to using the emerging technologies while maintaining reliability.
Electric Power Research Institute
How Much Energy It Will Take to Electrify Trucking
Achieving net zero emissions from transportation by 2050 will require an additional 1,800 terawatt-hours per year, the Electric Power Research Institute said.
SouthCoast Wind
Developer Seeks to Terminate SouthCoast Wind PPAs
SouthCoast Wind Energy has asked to end offshore wind power purchase agreements with Massachusetts electric distribution companies, citing rising costs.
DOE Awards $26M to Clean Energy Technology Projects
The Department of Energy says it will fund eight projects to demonstrate how solar, wind, storage and other clean energy resources can support the grid.
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Top Energy Trade Groups Highlight 2023 Goals at USEA
Top leaders from Washington, D.C. and energy trade groups gathered in person for the U.S. Energy Association's Annual State of the Energy Industry Forum.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
DOE to Announce Major Advance in Fusion Technology
Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have created a nuclear fusion reaction that for the first time produced a net energy gain.
NYPA Reports Successful Hydrogen Test at Natural Gas Power Plant
The New York Power Authority reported success in a hydrogen-natural gas hybrid demonstration project at a 45-MW power plant it operates on Long Island.

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