July 19, 2024

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Google: AI, Data Centers Drive 13% Rise in GHG Emissions
Google's 2023 emissions totaled the equivalent of 14.3 million tons of carbon dioxide, a 48% increase over 2019. It expects further increases before dropping to its emission reduction target of net zero by 2030.
USEA Event Looks into Addressing Growing Data Center Demand
Data center expansion is a major part of the power industry’s return to demand growth around the country, and the United States Energy Association hosted a webinar with industry leaders on how the sector’s growth will play out. 
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Extreme Weather Workshop Hit by Extreme Weather
Severe thunderstorms knocking out power to 1 million Texans did not stop attendees at a NERC-EPRI workshop on a draft standard addressing extreme weather’s effects on transmission planning.
EPRI: Clean Energy, Efficiency Can Meet AI, Data Center Power Demand
The burgeoning power demand from data centers and artificial intelligence can be met by other means than new natural gas-fired power plants, according to a new report from the Electric Power Research Institute.
The White House
White House Launches Initiative with 21 States on Grid Modernization
States participating in the Federal-State Modern Grid Deployment Initiative have committed to supporting the adoption of advanced grid solutions that expand capacity and add capabilities to existing and new transmission and distribution lines.
DOE: AI Critical to US Clean Energy, Grid Modernization Goals
Streamlining and accelerating permitting is just one of the potential uses DOE envisions for AI to accelerate the U.S. power system’s transition to 100% clean energy and the modern, efficient, secure grid needed to reach that goal by 2035.
Energy Department Offers $6 Billion for Industrial Decarbonization
The U.S. Department of Energy announced $6 billion in funding for 33 projects that are meant to help decarbonize difficult-to-abate, energy-intensive industries. 
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Searching for Paradigm Shifts in Distribution Planning and Financing
As utilities and regulators face unprecedented growth in power demand, figuring out how to plan and finance distribution systems has become a fast-moving target, according to speakers at the GridWise Alliance gridCONNEXT conference.
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Researchers Explore Economics, Efficacy of Hydrogen Blending
The use of hydrogen, both for transportation fuel and blended into natural gas, is a hot topic among engineers and power producers.
Controlled Thermal Resources
Climate Resilience Takes Center Stage at NARUC

California PUC President Alice Reynolds set the tone for the theme of climate resilience at the group's annual meeting with a story about the history of the Salton Sea.

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