July 13, 2024


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Bumps on the Road to Net Zero Highlighted at EPSA Summit
While their net-zero emission targets might not kick in until the 2030s, the power industry already is dealing with the issues they create, panelists said at the Electric Power Supply Association’s Competitive Power Summit.
Pacific Gas and Electric
PG&E Foresees Strong Growth from Electrification, Data Centers
California’s “leadership in electrification” will be a key driver of Pacific Gas and Electric’s expected customer growth over the next five years, CEO Patti Poppe said during an earnings call.
CEC Reduces Calif. Electricity Forecast on Lower Population Growth
Slower anticipated growth in California’s population has prompted state regulators to downwardly revise the electricity demand forecast used for grid planning. 
ISO-NE Prices Transmission Upgrades Needed by 2050: up to $26B
Transmission upgrades that are needed to avoid overloads in a fully electrified New England by 2050 could cumulatively cost between $22 billion and $26 billion, ISO-NE told its Planning Advisory Committee.
ACEEE Paper Says Rate Design Can Avoid Higher Bills from Electrification
ACEEE released a report highlighting strategies for avoiding higher overall energy bills from electrification, which is a concern for states with high average power prices.
Stakeholder Soapbox: Technology, not Subsidies, is the Key to Electrification
Markets, not subsidies, should dictate the pace and path of electrification, says regulatory economist Kenneth W. Costello.
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Panel Debates Impact of Renewables, Electrification on Reliability
A USEA media briefing addressed the “crisis ahead for electric utilities" as policymakers seek to decarbonize the grid while electrifying the economy.
California Takes Steps to Decarbonize Gas
The state Energy Commission adopted a key report and opened a proceeding aimed at decarbonizing the natural gas sector, including with heat pumps and hydrogen.
California Governor Swaps Energy Officials
Gov. Gavin Newsom continued reconfiguring the state's energy leadership with changes at the California Energy Commission and in his office.
California Addresses Electric ‘Affordability Emergency’
A two-day summit on soaring utility rates looked at covering wildfire prevention and clean-energy costs with funding from sources other than ratepayers.

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