July 19, 2024

emergency pricing

MISO Says Dicey Fall Operations Ahead
MISO expects a chance for an emergency every month this fall, with the possibility of burning through the entirety of its emergency resource reserves.
MISO to File Emergency Pricing Changes
MISO said it will file with FERC updates to its emergency pricing design, hoping to spur more action from suppliers when conditions get risky.
Laura Pricing Has MISO Stakeholders Scratching Heads
A briefing by MISO staff on the record uplift in the RTO’s energy market caused by Hurricane Laura left stakeholders with more questions than answers.
MISO Revisits Scarcity Pricing Rethink
MISO is once again evaluating the effectiveness of the rules behind its scarcity pricing just three years after shelving a similar effort.
MISO Exploring Emergency Pricing, Forward Market
MISO is looking into a forward market mechanism and improvements to its scarcity and emergency pricing under its resource availability and need project.
MISO Monitor Poses 6 New Market Recommendations
MISO's Market Monitor David Patton produced six new market recommendations as part of his 2018 State of the Market report.
Steering Committee Advances Roadmap Suggestions
MISO’s Steering Committee routed eight new market improvement proposals to stakeholders for debate and prioritization by voting.
MISO: Winter Emergency Another Signal for Grid Ops Change
MISO’s most recent maximum generation emergency is yet another portent of its increasing need to rethink grid operations, execs told the Board of Directors.
Weather, Gas Prices Cause MISO Energy Price Spike in April
Turbulent spring weather in MISO South and more expensive natural gas contributed to MISO’s highest energy prices since December.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs
The MISO Market Subcommittee met on March 9th and discussed improving emergency pricing and cost recovery for manual redispatch.

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