December 10, 2023

Energy Action Network (EAN)

Vermont Agency of Transportation
Vermont Climate Council Extends Deadline to Find TCI-P Alternative
A task group of the Vermont Climate Council will take an extra six months to identify an alternative to TCI-P for reducing transportation emissions.
HopsonRoad, CC BY-3.0, via Wikimedia
Vermont Senator Says State Needs Formal Environmental Justice Policy
Vermont Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale first introduced an environmental justice bill in 2007, but the state hasn't codified an official policy on the issue yet.
Vermont Agency of Agriculture
Vermont Explores Upstream, Lifecycle Emissions as Supplement to GHG Accounting
The Vermont Climate Council will issue a request for information on how to conduct upstream and lifecycle emissions analyses.
‘Carbon-better’ is OK for Vt. Heating Sector, Climate Council Member Says
Vermont Climate Council member Jared Duval says that heating for cannot only be about carbon-neutrality if it’s to be equitable.

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