December 10, 2023

Energy and Environmental Economics (E3)

Study Shows Uneven Benefits for Calif., Rest of West in Single Market

The results from a WMEG study indicate that many entities outside California would see more benefits from a two-market outcome while the Golden State has the most to lose from such a split.

How Green is that Green Hydrogen?
Federal production tax credits for green hydrogen will depend on the "cleanliness" of the power used to produce it.
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Stakeholders Respond to ERCOT Market’s Proposed Redesign
Texas regulators have received almost 120 comments from ERCOT stakeholders and the public about a proposed market redesign to be turned over to lawmakers.
Business & Commerce Committee
Legislators, Stakeholders Pan Proposed ERCOT Market Design
Texas lawmakers and ERCOT stakeholders did not hold back as they took their first shots at state regulators' proposed redesign of the market.
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PUC Selects Firm to Aid in ERCOT’s Market Redesign
The Texas PUC selected consulting firm E3 to help it review and analyze new designs for ERCOT’s wholesale market structure.
New York Issues 10 GW Solar Roadmap for 2030
New York officials on Friday announced the release of a roadmap outlining expanded programs to achieve 10 GW of distributed solar in the state by 2030.
NY State
NYISO to Resume In-person Meetings Nov. 17
NYISO plans to bring most employees back to the headquarters building Nov. 1st and resume holding in-person stakeholder meetings on Nov. 17.
New Analysis Sets Low-carbon Focus for NY Climate Plan
The New York State Climate Action Council discussed an integration analysis toward shaping its final scoping plan by year-end to reach goals outlined in the CLCPA.
Energy and Environmental Economics
Study Suggests Texas LSEs Can Provide Reliability
A new white paper proposes creating an LSE Reliability Obligation in ERCOT that would assign Texas utilities a certain amount of capacity to maintain.
MD Consumers May Pay High Heating Costs to Cut Building Emissions
Maryland is looking at challenges of different pathways to building decarbonization, while Montgomery County explores solutions in energy performance standards.

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