July 15, 2024

Energy and Environmental Economics (E3)

Northeast States Collaborative on Interregional Transmission
10 Northeastern States Sign MOU on Interregional Transmission Planning
Ten East Coast states signed a memorandum of understanding to set up a framework to coordinate interregional transmission planning and development.
Brattle Group
Nev. RTO Effort Turns Focus to NV Energy Day-ahead Studies
A key factor in the CAISO EDAM advantage is the benefits the utility would lose by leaving the Western Energy Imbalance Market, a Brattle Group consultant said.
Admin Monitor
Texas Regulators Slow PCM’s Development
Texas regulators pumped the brakes on the proposed performance credit mechanism’s development, making it clear that they and stakeholders will be involved in the market tool’s design.
WAPA DSW Cites Lack of Benefits in Markets+ Withdrawal
WAPA's Desert Southwest Region pulled out of the second phase of developing SPP's Western day-ahead market after determining it would see few benefits from participating in either Markets+ or EDAM.
Energy and Environmental Economics (E3), Ava Community Energy and Gridworks
Targeted Electrification ‘Promising but No Silver Bullet’ for Gas Cost Dilemma
Targeted electrification could allow decommissioning of up to 10% of gas mains but is no silver bullet for solving the gas cost challenge, researchers say.  
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Overheard at Infocast’s 2024 ERCOT Market Summit
Infocast's annual ERCOT Market Summit fell during the third anniversary of the devastating February 2021 winter storm, giving speakers plenty of fodder for discussion.
LDES Council
Long-duration Storage Key to Calif. Energy Goals, Report Says
A recent study found that deploying 37 GW of long-duration energy storage could help bring California to zero emissions by 2045.
NM Utilities to Pursue More Analysis Before Day-ahead Decision
Despite the recent release of results from a study on the two competing day-ahead markets in the West, two New Mexico utilities said they need to conduct more analysis before they make a choice.
Western Markets Exploratory Group
NM Regulators to Explore Findings on Day-Ahead Market at RTO Workshop
The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission will dive into a report on the financial implications of a Western day-ahead electricity market.
Study Shows Uneven Benefits for Calif., Rest of West in Single Market

The results from a WMEG study indicate that many entities outside California would see more benefits from a two-market outcome while the Golden State has the most to lose from such a split.

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