July 19, 2024

Entergy Arkansas

EDP Renewables
FERC Approves COD Waiver for EDP Solar Farm in MISO
FERC approved EDP Renewables’ request to extend the final commercial operation date for its Crooked Lake solar farm in MISO South because of supply chain delays.
FERC OKs $142M Grand Gulf Settlement with Entergy Arkansas
Entergy will pay its Arkansas affiliate $142.3 million in the latest settlement in the ongoing billing disputes over the utility’s Grand Gulf Nuclear Station.
Big River Steel
FERC OKs $21M Settlement in Arkansas Steel Mill’s DR Scheme in MISO
FERC has approved a $21 million settlement over an Arkansas steel mill’s yearslong failure to reduce load as a registered demand response resource in MISO.
Entergy Arkansas
Entergy Seeks Exemptions from MISO Accreditation Rules
Entergy has asked FERC to exclude some of its power plants from rules contained in MISO’s new availability-based accreditation method.
At COP27: 18 Countries Join US in Net Zero Government Initiative
Eighteen countries joined the U.S. in signing on to cut greenhouse gas emissions from their national government operations to net zero by 2050 at COP27.
Entergy Beats Expectations with Q2 Earnings
Entergy easily beat analysts’ expectations with its second-quarter results, thanks to better-than-expected retail sales during the early-summer heat.
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DC Circuit Court Backs FERC over MISO Interregional Cost Allocation
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals endorsed FERC over Entergy Arkansas in a disagreement over MISO’s cost allocation for interregional transmission projects.
Entergy Touts $1.3B in Savings Since Joining MISO
Customers of Entergy’s five utility subsidiaries have saved about $1.3 billion since they joined MISO in 2013, the company announced.
FERC Takes Second Look at Entergy Arkansas ROE
FERC is re-evaluating how its 2018 decision on transmission owners’ return on equity might affect Entergy Arkansas’ unit power sales tariff from 2013.
DC Circuit Rejects Ark. PSC Review of FERC-Entergy Order
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Arkansas PSC’s request that it review a FERC order directing Entergy Arkansas to continue sharing settlement proceeds.

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