December 7, 2023

environmental impact statement (EIS)

BOEM Completes Environmental Review of Empire Wind
Federal regulators have completed their environmental analysis of plans for Empire Wind, finding potentially significant impact to the fishing industry.
Major Fishery, Visual Impacts Expected from Revolution Wind
The BOEM environmental impact statement predicts Revolution Wind will have major negative impacts on fisheries, views from shore and other metrics.
Lawmakers, White House Promise More Work on Permitting After Debt Deal
Debt deal limits page counts and time on environmental reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act, but other work remains, and frustrations surface.
Speaker Kevin McCarthy
Debt Ceiling Bill Provides ‘Mini-deal’ on Permitting
A debt ceiling compromise reached by President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy would cut NEPA review times but would not roll back IRA climate provisions.
BOEM: Major Visual, Scientific Impacts from NJ’s 1st OSW Project
BOEM concluded that Ocean Wind 1 combined with other projects will have a “major” impact on scenic and visual factors and on scientific research.
BOEM Cites Fishing, Cultural Concerns for Atlantic Shores OSW
New Jersey's largest offshore wind farm would have a “major” effect on fisheries and "visual resources,” but only a moderate impact in other areas, BOEM found.
Senate ENR Committee
Senate ENR Searches for Bipartisan Compromise on ‘Permitting Reform’
Sen. Joe Manchin called on colleagues to put politics aside and hammer out a bipartisan bill to accelerate permitting of energy and transmission projects.
Senate EPW Committee
Permitting Delays, Inflation Put Double Whammy on IIJA and IRA
Successful implementation of the funding bills may hinge on Congress’ ability to put politics aside and hammer out legislation to streamline federal permitting.
Texas LNG
Environmental Justice Issues on 2 LNG Facilities Split FERC Dems
The fate of 2 Texas LNG developments that had their approvals remanded to FERC drew out some disagreements among the regulators’ two Democrats in recent orders.
Fishing Impact Seen on SouthCoast Wind Project
The SouthCoast Wind project could have significant impacts on marine mammals, fisheries and navigation, according to a draft environmental impact statement.

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