July 18, 2024

environmental social and corporate governance (ESG)

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Energy Trade Groups Warn FERC Against Ratcheting up Affiliate Rules
Industry trade groups warned FERC against passing more stringent restrictions on investment funds’ shares in the power industry, but consumer advocates and Republican state attorneys general urged it to move forward with rule changes. 
Sen. Scott Wiener
California Climate Reporting Requirement Paves Way While SEC Delays
California’s new climate reporting requirements are being carefully designed to minimize duplication of efforts once the SEC catches up.
Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority
Texas Lawmakers Push to Save Retiring Coal Plant
Texas politicians are making a last-ditch push to save a 37-year-old coal plant in East Texas that they say has another 22 years of useful life.
Ohio House Declares Natural Gas ‘Green’ Energy
Ohio lawmakers, dominated by Republican majorities, OK'd legislation declaring green energy “includes energy generated by using natural gas as a resource.”
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Industry Experts Bet on Renewables, ESG
Panelists told attendees at the MISO-SPP GCPA conference to expect more renewables and more socially responsible operations of the RTOs' members.
Responsibly Sourced Gas Market is ‘Growing,’ Kinder Morgan Says
Kinder Morgan could receive FERC approval in the coming weeks for a new market mechanism that would support expansion of RSG.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
J.P. Morgan: ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ for US Green Bonds
High U.S. green bond growth this year is in part from a “vastly increased investor appetite for ESG-labeled securities,” Paul O’Connor of J.P. Morgan said.
Ally Energy
ESG Goes Mainstream for Energy Investors
ESG now permeates energy investing, speakers on a recent panel said, but it needs to reach beyond high-growth, cleantech companies with no carbon problems.
Americasroof, CC BY-3.0, via Wikimedia
Panel: Structural Issues Hamper US Sustainable Investing
The U.S. lags other wealthy countries in prioritizing sustainable investing, participants in virtual panel hosted by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) said last week. Despite progress in recent years, the panelists said, the mainstreaming of sustainable investing still faces structural hurdles, particularly at the institutional level, with financial service providers and …

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