December 10, 2023


FERC Partly Reverses Ruling on PG&E Tx Rates
In a 142-page ruling, FERC partly affirmed an administrative law judge’s decision on PG&E’s proposed increases to its transmission rates.
FERC Rejects RTO Incentive Adder Rehearing
FERC said it won’t rehear a case on whether Pacific Gas and Electric deserves a $30 million annual incentive adder for staying in CAISO.
UPDATED: PG&E Transmission Revenue Complaint Rejected Again
FERC rejected a request for rehearing by several Pacific Gas and Electric transmission customers.
FERC Upholds PGE ISO Incentive Adder, Rebuffs CPUC
FERC rejected an argument by the California PUC (CPUC) that it erred last year in allowing PG&E to include a 50-basis-point ISO participation adder.
CPUC Contests ISO Incentive for PGE
The California PUC (CPUC) is protesting the FERC decision to allow PG&E (NYSE:PCG) to include an ISO adder in its 2017 transmission rates proposal.
FERC Sets PGE Rate Increase Proposal for Talks
FERC accepted Pacific Gas & Electric’s (NYSE:PCG) filing for a proposed rate increase under the utility’s transmission owner tariff, but suspended implementation of the increase for five months.

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