May 27, 2024


FERC OKs MISO Queue Changes, Orders Fewer Restudies
FERC accepted several small revisions to the new MISO interconnection queue design but also told the RTO it must keep working to reduce restudies.
EDF Renewable Energy
Renewables Developer Escalates MISO Queue Design Dispute
EDF Renewable Energy has escalated its push to make MISO speed up the process for connecting new generation to the grid.
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EDF Asks MISO to Revisit Queue Overhaul
EDF Renewable Energy is urging MISO stakeholders to revisit MISO's recently reformed interconnection queue process.
FERC Blocks MISO Plan to Shorten Queue Negotiations
FERC has rejected a MISO plan to shorten the number of days allowed to customers negotiating a generator interconnection agreement.
MISO Still Working Through New Queue Implementation Plan
MISO officials presented three proposals related to the implementation of the RTO’s new generator interconnection queue for stakeholder feedback.
MISO, Stakeholders Differ on New Queue Plan
Stakeholders are at odds with MISO over some aspects of its interconnection queue rules during a time when the queue is beset by “unprecedented” backlogs.
FERC Staff OK MISO Interconnection Queue Refund Plan
FERC staff approved MISO’s proposal to allow generators to withdraw from its interconnection queue without penalty if they undergo a three-stage evaluation process.
MISO PAC Briefs: June 14, 2017
MISO plans by the end of the year to introduce Tariff changes eliminating resource suspensions in favor of a single retirement process.
MISO Resource Adequacy Subcommittee Briefs
Load forecast data for the MISO 2017/18 PRA shows that all local resource zones have enough capacity to meet their clearing requirements.
FERC Accepts MISO’s 2nd Try on Queue Reform
FERC approved MISO on their second attempt at new interconnection queue rules, as well as the RTO's revised M2 milestone plan.

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