November 28, 2023


Edison International
CAISO’s Revised DERA Plan Complies with Order 2222, FERC Finds
FERC approved CAISO’s second attempt at complying with the mandate requiring RTOs to foster participation of DER aggregations in organized markets.
FERC Clarifies CAISO, NYISO Order 2222 Rulings
FERC clarified its June orders on CAISO and NYISO Order 2222 compliance filings while rejecting rehearing requests by consumer and environmental groups.
Renova Energy
CAISO Order 2222 Filing Needs Some Work, FERC Says
FERC accepted CAISO's Order 2222 compliance filing but told it to submit revisions to its participation model for distributed energy resource aggregations.
RTOs Take Various Paths to Order 2222 Compliance
Advanced Energy Economy on Tuesday hosted a panel of industry experts and regulators who evaluated the progress of RTOs/ISOs toward Order 2222 compliance.
FERC Asks Details from CAISO, NYISO on Order 2222 Compliance
FERC gave CAISO and NYISO 30 days to explain some details of the treatment of DER aggregations described in their Order 2222 compliance filings.

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