July 13, 2024

external resource zones

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FERC OKs MISO External Capacity Zones, Dispute Deadlines
MISO can create external zones for its annual capacity auction and place time limits on members’ settlement disputes, FERC ruled in a pair of Oct. 31 orders.
MISO Adds Study to 2nd External Zone Filing
MISO is planning a study to ensure external resources bordering more than one of its local resource zones participates in only one zone.
MISO Promises External Capacity Zones After FERC Rejection
MISO, commited to moving forward, said it plans to refile a plan to create external capacity resource zones with FERC by the end of the month.
FERC Rejects MISO Plan for External Capacity Zones
FERC rejected MISO’s proposal to create external zones for its annual capacity auction but left the door open for a revised plan in the future.
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FERC: MISO External Capacity Zone Plan Deficient
MISO’s plan to create external resource zones in its annual capacity auction isn’t detailed enough on several fronts, FERC told the RTO.
MISO Closing in on External Capacity Zones
After almost three years of deliberation, MISO is putting the final touches on a plan to create external resource zones for its annual capacity auction by 2019.
MISO Seeks To-Do List for Resource Adequacy Panel
MISO staff asked the Resource Adequacy Subcommittee (RASC) for feedback on the group’s priorities for 2018 and how the RTO could import capacity from IESO.
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MISO in 2018: Storage, Software, Settlements and Studies
MISO’s 2018 to-do list includes continuing efforts to expand energy storage participation and extensive software upgrades.
Entergy Floats MISO External Zone Hedging Plan
After discord surrounding MISO’s plan to incorporate external zones into its auction and divvy up excess revenues, Entergy emerged with its own plan.
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MISO Postpones External Zones Until 2019 Auction
MISO has decided to delay the formation of external resource zones and seasonal capacity.

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